Thursday, January 23, 2014

Maui in Winter

In the beginning of January, Cameron and I went to Maui...

And brought three nice daughters...

We were with so many friends...

And Grandpa and Grandma...

                                                        We saw the wonders of creation...

We ate lots of good food...

(No, she didn't really eat all these - it took three people!)

And collected pretty shells...

We are so thankful for the goodness of the Lord...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Curlew Lake State Park - 2013

Last week we went on a four day trip to Curlew Lake State Park with my parents. It's a pretty long drive to get there (more than 6 hours), but I think very worth it. Below are some pictures, with some explanations underneath the pictures. Enjoy!

Mt. Rainier from the other side, on our way to the Columbia River.

Crossing the Columbia at Vantage.

Lovely, wide open spaces on the way!

Isn't our state beautiful!?

This, to me, is such a true "vacation" picture - driving long distances and reading a book, reminds me of when I was growing up.
The next few pictures are the town of Republic, it's about eight miles from the campground and about the only place around where you can get phone reception or internet service. I really like the town a lot and the people are super friendly.

The day that we got to our campground, I went into town to get supplies & my phone showed it to be 100 degrees, I took a screenshot picture to prove it!

The state park - I think that it's the nicest campground that I have ever been to.

The picture above shows our campsite - we are really enjoying tent camping these days.

A view of our site and the lake.

View from the campsite - lovely!

When we camp with my parents, my children love playing Bocce with Grandpa - it's the highlight of the trip!

Just waiting our turn...

Cameron and I by the lake.

The pictures below show various camp scenes...

Shannon liked to chop our wood.

Grandpa helping Joan with a craft.

The little girls loved this tree.

You can't have a camping post without campfire pictures! 

How could you camp without smores?

The picture above and below are reading time around the fire. Cameron started reading "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins out loud. I really love reading as a family.

Joan got to warm up her special cookies on a marshmallow stick :)

We even got a little fishing time in...

Calvin learning to gut fish - he got help from a friendly fellow camper.

The lake really isn't nice for swimming, so we go to the tiny town of Curlew, about a 10 mile drive, and swim at this great beach on the river.

Cameron and (little) Shannon.

There is a checkerboard painted on to a stump at the campground with little round wood checker pieces. Joan enjoyed making towers and houses with the pieces. 

And this was reality when I got home! LOTS of laundry, enough that I took most of it to the local laundromat. 
We had a very good time and enjoyed being with my parents - the Lord is so good to us!